Califia and the Timeless Sentries Digital 50-Page Comic Book #1

The Califia and the Timeless Sentries uncensored, giant-sized, digital graphic novel adaptation of the motion comic and debut of the science fantasy, adventure comic book series!

Welcome to the other-dimensional realm of Lemuria! Queen Califia, originally of the Isle of California, is your Amazonian guide into a world where almost everyone never ages! Strange wormholes have transported people and things to Lemuria for centuries. The real question is why and by whom! Sir Morien the Black Knight, William Tell, Madame Butterfly, and Mowgli together are known as “The Sentries.” They are the protectors of one of Lemuria’s last human refuges, “the Village.” This tale follows the adventures of Califia and the Sentries’ quest to discover the truth behind Lemuria, and their duty to protect the people who unwillingly dwell in it!

Due to language and violence, Califia and the Timeless Sentries is recommended for ages 16+. Available for Download

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